West Wales Working Terrier & Lurcher Club

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A club formed in 2012 for the terrier and lurcher enthusiasts in West Wales and the surrounding areas.

Our club is a bona fide member of the NATIONAL WORKING TERRIER FEDERATION (N.W.T.F.)

who have signed up to and agree to abide by the N.W.T.F Code of Conduct for Terrierwork.



To promote the legal working attributes of terriers & lurchers.

To give assistance where possible to fellow members.

 To aid members in obtaining permission for legal pest control.

To organise an annual open terrier & lurcher show.

To run 4 yearly open terrier & lurcher race meetings.

To advise the general public on the legalities of working terriers and lurchers.

To educate newcomers to the ways of the working terrier and lurcher.


Member Benefits


To become a member of a recognised terrier & lurcher club.

To use the club name to assist in gaining legal pest control from landowners.

Gain accredited status for terrierwork/pest control through the NWTF. (Conditions apply).

Free gate entrance to our annual show.

Receive certificates for legal veterinary tail docking.

Reduced club merchandise.

Reduced race night entries.